FAQ and Solutions

About D5 Render

1. Got notification of "Launch failure might be caused by system DLLs missing, try to repair it automatically?"

a. Try to fix the issue by DXR Repairment tool Download link

b. Please make sure the monitor is plugged in the right Graphic card, not the integrated graphics.

2. Stop loading at 0%

First please make sure you have repaired DXR issue above. If loading still stops at 0%, try to Start D5 Render with *launcher.exe* in the installation directory of D5 Render.

3. Too much space is occupied by D5, is there any way to optimize it by myself?

Some space can be freed up by deleting the following files:

  • Locate at the installation directory of D5 Render:
    • d5_immerse\Content\Paks\f
    • d5_immerse\Content\dn
    • d5_immerse\Content\d
    • d5_immerse\Content\d5a
    • d5_immerse\Content\sceneimage
    • d5_immerse\Content\thumbnailimage
  • Locate at where scene file is(the location of .drs file):
    • Folder named"resource"

Note: The files from different users may vary, please DO NOT delete files excluded from the list.

4. Multiple Reflection

Multi-reflection is only available in image output, which means there is no multi-reflection effect in the real-time mode. Video rendering does not support multi-reflection at the moment, which will be optimized in the following updates.

Note: Multiple reflections are available between metal and mirror, while not supported between glass and glass.


Account does not exist when logging in

If you encounter account issues when loging in D5 Render, please

  1. check your network connection
  2. Make sure your D5 Render version is X.X.X.02XX, if no, please reinstall from Official Site

Account Center

Education Edition application review has failed

The reason could be -

  1. Not using the university email to apply for the education edition
  2. The submitted university email address has not been registered for a D5 account
  3. The validity period shown on your documents has expired
  4. Not a government-accredited educational institution

If you want to reapply, please submit the relevant documents and information

About Purchase

May I use my PRO account on another PC?

Sure, you can log off the pro account on your original PC, and log in it on the new one.

How do I get an invoice/receipt with my company title and address?

You can fill out the company details when placing an order. Please note that Dimension 5 Techs is not VAT or GST registered. No any type of consumption tax is imposed on this price.

I have already finished the payment, where can I get Pro Edition?

After successful payment, your D5 account has been automatically upgraded from “community” to “Pro”. You can login to your account in D5 Render and see the “Pro” status, which indicates that you can use all the Pro features.

If you encounter any other issues, please refer to other forum topics. If it still can’t be solved, please refer to How to Report a Bug.