Why don't car lights show up in the reflection?

The reflection of the car lights on the asphalt is very beautiful, but it doesn’t appear… is it a bug?

Hi! Could you please point out the locations where there should be car light reflection but not?
I checked the photos you sent, and I see that there are reflections on the road.

Besides, could you please check the car light intensity on the right sidebar?

Hy Ruby. Notice that the car’s headlight appears in the reflection, but not the light emitted by the headlight. In the image I put a mirror under the car to facilitate viewing.

Hi @israelfpereira! Sorry for the late reply. We have reproduced this issue and will fix it. Thanks for your feedback also.

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Thanks for the answer. The way you have treated customers is really very special! :blush:

Below is a reference image. Notice how the reflection of the red lights on the asphalt is beautiful and increases the realism.

Good day! We reproduced the issue before. In Assets, some cars’ lights do not have reflection and some have. We will fix this issue. Thanks for your feedback~