Who can give us a tip

We tried to render a cloakroom (in Sketchup) in the basement and we have problem with lights and are not happy. If there is no daylight, there is no way to get basic lighting for the whole room without using so many lights.

Is there any other way to get better results?
We would be happy to send the files, if someone wants to try it himself, write to us at dhikey3@gmail.com

Thanks for tip

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Before you do anything, put a rectangular lighting directly under the ceiling directed at the ground, and adjust the intensity of the lighting until it reaches the appropriate for you, then distribute the spots as you see, The trick is to make the rectangles the main lighting and do not depend on the spots, the spots just put them down and reduce their intensity so that the scene does not burn

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thank you very much for the tips
actually, I thought there are other tricks that I still do not know.

thanks again

If you do not want to set these lights or open windows for daylight, I have to suggest you increase the exposure, but if so, you need to adjust material parameters and turn off Real-time, to avoid noise issues.

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