White Krion

Hi. I need white krion material for a project. Does anyone knows how can I get it or make it?

Ciao orq.manuelmaza

Krion Bianco_diffuseOriginal
Krion Bianco_normal
Krion Bianco_height
Krion Bianco_metallic
Krion Bianco_edge
Krion Bianco_smoothness
Krion Bianco_ao
Then you have to insert it in the D5 program and give the right nuances to the material
Or take the mapping of a similar tile and put these maps in the right place and save it in your D5 library
I hope I have helped you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes, you helped. Thank you!!! One question. How can I download this maps? Sorry, I am new here.

I created it with an easy and free program "Materialize "