Where is the height map in the texture panel?

Hi there lovely people.
I’m transitioning from Enscape to D5 and am used to adding a height or bump map to a basic colour to give the impression of a wood panelling. Please see screenshot of black exterior wood panelling attached.

I cannot see anything in the texture panel that allows for a bump/height map. If there isn’t one, what is the best workflow to achieve the same result in D5?
Thank you so much in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Material Template → Displacement

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Thank you!
I must still be doing something wrong as the texture is not showing in the panelling, please see screenshot attached.

I have adjusted slider value but nothing is visible. What am I missing?

Base Color Map → Albedo texture (your wood panel color texture)
Height → Displacement texture in black and white (you put the texture in color)

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Now I understand, thank you so much :smiley: !