Where is the anti-aliasing filter?

My Client wants to decrece Jaggies from render images.
How Can I set Anti-Alias filter in D5?
If D5 does not AA filter , Shoud I set render images more large size?

How Can I get smooth(sharp) image ? How did you do ?
Please let me know.

Hi, could you share with us a screenshot or the render result? And let us see whether we can help. We have automatic anti-aliasing calculation when rendering.

thanks for your answer !
But I can not upload these images to public space ,
because I should keep secret for my clinet, especially in the case of it has not built yet , sorry.

I understand automatioc anti-aliasing system in D5.
Possibly there are some reason birng jaggy to result.
Anyway, I will try to render more large size pixels as first.