What's New in D5 Converter-Beta 2.7.3

New Features:

  • Integration of professional optimization tools (can be used for mesh reduction)


  • Export SketchUp file with intelligent component recognition to reduce the file size of exported SketchUp file
  • Use more color textures to reduce the file size of the exported SketchUp file while ensuring the proper rendering of UV
  • Faster speed of SketchUp exportation
  • Keep the view in 3Ds Max in the exported SketchUp file
  • Better transparent material exportation


  • The progress bar is stuck in the export process
  • Artifacts in D5 Render caused by exported mesh in D5A
  • The error of exported roughness map and parameter

Ps: You could learn more here: What’s D5 Converter for 3Ds Max and Workflow

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