What’s new in D5 Render 2.1

New and improvements


  1. Advanced Image Rendering

  2. Advanced Video Rendering

  3. VR beta

  4. Stage Light

  5. Color Grading


  1. D5 GI takes a step further with global illumination accuracy

  2. Orthographic view image rendering

  3. Adjustable sunlight intensity in Geo & Sky


  1. Auto-Save

  2. Language Setting: English and Chinese

  3. Direct import of SketchUp 2021 files

  4. Adding d5a models grouped with lights to local library

  5. Beginner’s Guide

  6. New shortcuts for switching render quality, display mode and navigation mode

  7. LUT effect preview available on hover

  8. Optional channel map rendering

  9. Rendered files naming improved

  10. Model/Material Selecting Tool improved

  11. Animation camera curve improved

  12. Display of system information


  1. Enhanced Smoothness

  2. Improved archive stability

  3. Improved NAS I/O

  4. Alert on insufficient capacity


  1. Added Customizable Assets
  • Supported changing clothes for static Character models
  • Supported choosing lights on/off, driver, and car paint color for Vehicles
  • Supported scaling and other adjustable parameters for Particles
  1. Added 2D Character assets

  2. Supported filtering dynamic models

  3. Supported Favorite for Particles

  4. Supported Favorite and Recent for Brush, Eraser and Path

  5. HD tags on high-poly assets

  6. Optimized “Aligned to Terrain” to draw on any surface

  7. Optimized Asset Library interaction

  • Recent list supports up to 60 records
  • Support category expanding/collapsing
  • Optimized page number position


  • Unable to select certain models after scaling or flipping

  • Some invalid shortcuts

  • Errors of some archived lighting

  • The update issue when assets are attached to main models

  • Unexpected orientation change of brushed vegetation when reopening the file

  • Grass material out of model

  • Loss of opacity map when a .d5a file is saved to local

  • A random bug that Asset Library needs redownloading after updating D5

Detailed introduction to some functions


D5 Widget is a customized extension module of D5 Render, aiming to provide advanced features while keeping the simplicity. (learn more about D5 Widget)

Go to Menu > Preference > Widget, and you can check what you installed, switch on/off with one click to manage your widgets.

1. Advanced Image Rendering

  • Select .png .jpg .tga .tif .exr when rendering images, with channel selection enabled.

2. Advanced Video Rendering

3. VR beta

Explore the scene with Virtual Reality, available for SteamVR-ready devices. (e.g. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift…)

4. Stage Light

Navigation Bar > Add Lights > Stage Light

Support customized Gobos and Haze effect

5. Color Grading

Precisely control the tonal values of Midtones, Shadows, Highlights, Global in the scene with Effect panel.


6. D5 GI takes a step further with global illumination accuracy.

  • Advantages of various rendering techniques are integrated in D5 GI. It combines raytracing and efficient light caching to optimize algorithms for different scenes. Consequently, D5 GI offers a result close to Ground Truth within milliseconds, which allows a simplified rendering experience without further processing. In 2.1, D5 GI takes a step further with global illumination accuracy. With real-time performance and near offline quality, D5 enables you to achieve photo-realism in the blink of an eye. (learn more about D5 GI)

7. Orthographic view image rendering

  • Image rendering is supported in orthographic view.

8. Adjustable sunlight intensity in Geo & Sky

  • In Geo & Sky, you can click on the three dots and adjust the sunlight intensity.


9. Auto Save

  • Auto Save setting is in Menu > Preference > General. This widget is enabled by default, and you can set the auto-save interval manually.

  • Go to Menu > File > View history version, and you can open three most recent projects that were saved automatically.

  • To configure Auto Save, please save the project first. Auto Save will not be activated until the projects are saved.

10. Language Setting

  • Interface language can be changed in Menu > Preference > General. English and Chinese are supported.

11. Direct import of SketchUp 2021 files

12. Adding d5a models grouped with lights to local library

  • After grouping d5a models with lights, you can find the group in the resource list. Right click on it, and you can add the group to local.

13. Beginner’s Guide

  • Go to Menu > Help > Beginner’s Guide and check the page to quickly learn about the layout and features of D5 Render.

14. New shortcuts for switching render quality, display mode and navigation mode

  • Shortcut F1 / F2 / F3 to switch between high/middle/low preview quality.
  • Shortcut Alt+V to switch between Orbit and Fly navigation mode.
  • Shortcut Alt+1 / Alt+2 / Alt+3 to switch between Lit, Wireframe and Clay Model mode.

15. LUT effect preview available on hover

16. Optional channel map rendering

  • When rendering images, you can check the channel maps you need to render on the right of Channels Option.

17. Rendered files naming improved

  • We have improved the naming rules for rendered files. Output of image, panorama, video render and render queue is named in the same format: D5_[Image/Panorama/Clip]_[Timestamp]. Clip names will be kept in the rendering queue to make sure the output matches with the clips for easier management.

18. Model/Material Selecting Tool improved

  • Selecting tools are now merged. We also improved the coordinate axis and clickable area.

19. Animation camera curve improved

  • We further improved the calculation of angle change in camera movement for a smoother transition.

20. Display of system information

  • Go to Menu > Help > System Info or click on the left bottom of Welcome Page to check the system information of your device, including graphics card, driver version, etc.


21. Enhanced smoothness

  • D5 GI and reflection efficiency was boosted 2-4 times. With an advanced mesh rendering algorithm, we saw a 100%-200% increase in the FPS of complex large-scale scenes after optimization.(learn more about D5 Smoothness

22. Optimized archive stability

  • We optimized the read-write method for 1.save files and improved project I/O stability.

23. Optimized NAS I/O performance

  • D5 Render now supports project file storage of network attached storage (NAS).


24. Added customizable assets

  • Supported choosing car paint color, lights on/off, and driver for Vehicles

  • Supported changing clothes for static Character models

  • Supported scaling, speed adjusting and concentration for Particles

25. Added 2D Character assets that are:

  • able to receive lighting data
  • applicable to different scenes
  • always facing the camera

26. Supported dynamic models filtering

  • Select “Dynamic only” and you will see all the dynamic assets in Asset Library.

27. Supported Favorite for particles

28. Supported Favorite and Recent for Brush, Eraser and Path

29. HD tags on high-poly assets

  • In Asset Library, assets with an HD tag on the top left are high-poly assets ideal for close-up shots.

30. Enhanced “Aligned to Terrain” to draw on any surface

  • Brush is capable of identifying the model normal of any angle, making it easier to create green walls.

31. Optimized Asset Library interaction

  • Support category expanding/collapsing

  • Recent list supports up to 60 records. Now you can find more assets that you used in
    Recent and easily search for them.

  • Optimized page number position


Awesome. Im still waiting for Round corner feature


Hi D5 team,

the new update is outstanding.
Very useful features.
Thanxs a lot and keep on going.

Kind regards


I’ve been waiting for almost a year to be able to import multiple models into a single origin. Without this feature, everything else is just a toy and studio assembly of large architectural models is impossible. please release this feature as soon as possible.

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Congratgulation D5 guys!!! :partying_face: :partying_face:


Hello @digimas ,
Already in development! See you soon!

D5 Render RoadMap

Hello d5 render team!

I appreciate all changes and direction of changes, but please don’t forget about these very important things such as extrusion of geometry with a displacement map, measure tape (the textures are very often in the wrong scale) or the texture variation to avoid tiling on bigger surfaces with the same material…


Hello D5 Team!

The new update’s features are amazing!!!

Only one thing…
In the previous version as well, if I add some metalic effect to a material the objects in the reflections are glowing (like emessive). It doesn’t matter if light hits the surface or not.
Also everything in a mirror surface is glowing.

  1. image (without metalic)

  1. image (with metalic)

  1. image (mirror)

I exported a few models from D5 2.05 to “d5a” and opened it in D5 1.8.1.
All the metalic materials were glowing and when I checked the material settings, all of them had the “emessive” turned on with max value.

I think this bug is still in version 2.1 sadly.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi forizs, sorry for the late reply, I saw your new topics on the forum. I will share this with our dev team and let you know the result on that topic.

Hi Oliver, Thanks a lot for Your help as usual. Hopefully it’s just a small thing to recode.

hello @forizs ,
Metalness will change the algorithm of the original specular of the material.
In fact, it is a more complicated process. The metalness of normal objects can only be 0 or 1. But for some mixed material, we have opened the switch of this value for the purpose of calculation and simulation.

However, we did receive some user feedback on metalness recently and are revisiting this parameter.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback. If so, could you tell me what renderer you were using before? This will be very helpful for us to assess the severity of this problem.

Hi @whao,

Thanks for your answer.

I’m only saying that now reflectivity is (2, 2.1) worst than before.

Please check the Glowing reflections - #2 by Oliver.J for detailed description about this issue.