What assets can we add to Landscape category?

Hello, recently we have a project, preparing to add more assets specially for Landscape industry.
Welcome to post here to tell us what you need and want in Landscape rendering, for example, palm trees, Blind road bricks, traffic lights, etc.


Could we please have some fancy-looking big planter box/ pots, waste/ recycle bins, swings, hanging lamps. Thanks



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  • More street assets (and elements: for example: curbs, sidewalks and roads)
  • Street lighting
  • Vegetation fences

Thanks, we love you!

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Hello, can you show me photos or details?
we already have those streetlamps, did you know them? maybe we need to rename them as Street light?

Couple ideas:

  • kindergarten and school playground stuff
  • more railings
  • street stuff e.g lights, furnitures…
  • more fields e.g football, baseball, Badminton, tennis…
  • more park stuff and maybe skate park and parkour.
  • some big rocks and mountains can be used behind scene.
  • maybe landscape editing tool can be also really cool.
  • more roads and roads stuff.
    here are a few examples

Outdoor seating and pergolas
And more Mediterranean trees to suite Projects in the Middle east and North Africa Countries

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Great and thanks to the team

Actually, I also wanted to post more asset examples, but now
the library reaches a size that spends more time searching and waiting.

For example: We have 7689 objects and 2058 of them are furniture. I used maybe 10, the rest I take from my own library.
It’s just difficult to keep track of 2058 furniture.

I propose to the D5 team to be allowed to individually delete or download those objects that are of interest.
If there is update, everyone could download individually, new objects for his assets as well as later.

In the future we must have a solution, we will soon be at 10,000 objects.

thanks for the great D5

Thank you very much for your keenness to meet the needs of users :heart:


我希望新的植物归类 可以参考 新加坡国家植物分类:


我希望 PALM’S 棕榈类 / COCONUT 椰树 / BANANA’S 香蕉叶 别混杂。 因我一直以来, 在 library assets 找香蕉叶类, 都需要在 棕榈区 才能找到。


小叶欖仁 Terminalia mantaly H. Perrier
和 银叶诃子 Terminalia mantaly 或俗称 ‘Tricolor’ 有些不同,小叶欖仁 叶子比较绿色。 若不去裁剪打理,会生长到很粗犷
马来西亚 住宅区门前、 小区公园, 大宅园林等 常使用


一下图片取自 google

以下照片取自 maps


银叶诃子 # Terminalia mantaly 'Tricolor’
和 小叶榄仁 有所不同, 银叶诃子的叶子有白框。树身整齐。不必太多打理。

Id like to add ages of trees, twinmotion handles this nicely. Ex. 100 year old oaks and walnuts. In eastern united states.


Those are my recommendations for landscape asset library expansion:

I see the need for different “Low poly” vegetation groups to cover large regions in the landscape

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