What am i missing (2)

Hi Guys, its my first try with D5 pro and i didnt get what is happening.
On Sketchup, when i press “start d5”, it starts, i press “ok” to start a new project, but i get nothing inside D5, just 2 “folders” on “object” but nothing on imported.
D5 didnt export directly the model using “start d5”?
Should i syncronizate after geting the project on “imported” folder?
When i open the d5 not using the “converter plugin”, import the model, i cant get any syncronization of cameras, position of the project, etc.

Im quite confuse, 10years of 3d, and i get stuck in something so “simple”…

1.) Set the sketchup files in the camera under perspective and save before starting D5

2.) Start D5


3.) OK

3.) Should open D5 without any problems

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this is what i get…

but that’s strange
that must have something to do with the program.

Oliver the angel will certainly help you

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Could it be something to do with skp2021?

Yes, im using sketchup 2021… but i can import 2021, its just the syncronization, that is not working…

This should be the model you sync from D5:

I believe it is related to the video driver. Please update your video driver first?

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updating my grafics card driver, fixed everything. Thx a looot!

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