Wet layer

Hello, i work for a model, where i want to have wet asphalt around stadium (rainy weather with rain effect) is it possible to turn on rain but only for different layer? And dont get wetness on grass?

Hi georgemelkadze

Are you looking for “wet road” before there was the weather system “Precipitation” in the d5.
I’m still doing the wet road like before when there was no rain.

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Thank you Dadi, yes i know this method too but i want to use rain weather too at same time. But i have one problem, i dont want to get football
( grass part) stadium wet, just only outside.
Thanks again for replay :pray:

Hi, D5 does not have this function yet. I have an idea, maybe a workaround, you can drag a plane over the stadium, (make it large and transparent enough).

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Great idea Oliver, i did not think about it. it really solves my problem. thank you

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