Weird looking fence

I have a problem with the fence rendering in my animation sequence.
The fence looks more glossy in areas where is no grass particles distributed in the background.
Can you help me ?


rendered frame

Please fix that issue and help me to solve the problem.

Hi Mate,

I think it has something to do with the alpha channel you are using to create the the fence texture, it may not be fully negative or black, make sure if you have applied a roughness map that this one is only positive/present on the metal part and not on the voids of the fence, try also increasing or doubling the scale of the fence and see if this behaviour repeats.


It could also be a ghosting effect that’s created from frame to frame on this kind of instances, this is some known issue with Unreal Engine 4, have you tested increasing the resolution output of the animation let’s say for a test sequence of only 3 sec and see if this behaviour remains present.


Hi mate, you can turn on Thickness for the glass, also, use the glass material template from D5 library.
And you can also try 2.4 beta in our Discord server:

D5 Render

Thank you for your answers. I fixed it by increasing the metallic value to the max.