Weird grass offset from edge

Hello all, I have tried several times but the grass just offset from the edge and has a gap for no reason. Is there any setting to fix that in D5 or I can build anything to help in sletchup. Tried a different edge treatment from model but can’t help. Thanks in advance!

At present, D5 does not have a direct solution to the problem.

Solution 1: You can try expanding the edges of the grassland model outward during SU modeling. For example, if a 10 square meter grass has a 20mm wide edge, we can increase the area of the grass to 12 square meters or other larger areas and keep trying until we find the appropriate area.

Solution 2: Use corresponding brushes to supplement

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a simple possibility:
Simply set the area for the grass in the medelling software
slightly below the area for the path.
Raise the path slightly and the edge is gone.


Hello, this is a known issue and the lawn in D5 is currently not perfect. But I believe 2.7 has improved this issue quite well. We are currently conducting an beta test of 2.7 in Discord, so if you would like to test lawn in 2.7, you can contact me to join the beta test.