Weird glass refraction/reflection

Hi there,
I am currently encoutering issues with the glass material as shown on the image…is there any setting that mitigates the issue with the wrong refraction?

looks like there is a bump map applied to the glass material??

I use the standard normal glass material from the d5 asset library.


If you set the Refraction to low or zero values, the reflection becomes more and more accurate.

Hi there,

It defeats the prupose of having IoR if I have to set the value to below 1 as it looks like
I also notice that the glass material - when changing the specular & roughness settings - te image becomes very noisy…as shown on the attached image

The reflection thing, I fix it like this, lowering the value, as for the noise in the image, it only happens to me when the material selection tool is left with a material when rendering the render. Make sure there are no active tools left when rendering.


Hello, does the glass have a thickness in modeling software? It looks like that they are single-sided, which could cause the problem you met. please try increasing the thickness of the glass model then sync to D5 again.