Video Matching

It would be nice to have a feature similar to that of blender where we can MATCH OUR 3D MODEL WITH THAT OF A DRONE FOOTAGE and render it in d5

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WindowTop works well for still image photomontage but it is a guessing game for the focal length.
Using other software I can set the focal length (not FOV) which I can find in file info of Photoshop on any camera. Usually gives a 35mm standard ratio/comparison.
If D5 could allow setting the virtual camera with that information, focal length, then positioning the virtual camera using Windowtop and WASD_EQ keys in D5 makes it very easy.
The trick to camrea matching is to have the virtual camera set to the same focal length as the physical camera.
Now if you want to get it on, something like Syntheyes can output tracking points and a virtual camera that software such as EIAS 3D has been doing since 1995.
If D5 could use this data (sure it could) then camera matching your 3D model in D5 to drone footage would be a reasonably simple task.
I have asked the same of Lumion and Twinmotion for years but no avail.
Of course, UE5 will do it. It would be awesome if D5 covered that aspect of ArchViz. Game changer right there!

Hi, the coming D5 2.4 version will be able to set camera focal length, but I am not sure whether it is 100% consistent with Photoshop.