Custom backdrop for making photomontage? - Workaround

Hi D5 Team

Trying to make photomontage with D5, but I cant put backdrop in my scene!?
Or parent to camera and always “look to camera” mode (good for 2D people to).


So, I found this great little free software to make any window on top, and transparent, and click through it… :

Then I open IrfanView (You can use any other photo viewer) with my drone picture for my “backdrop” (in this case foreground), make it transparent with click through option enabled in Window top, and position camera like that…, then D5Render, then Photoshop adjustment…

Hope that helps, but classical backdrop option would be nice…

Or suport Camera match sugesstion: Camera match - D5 Render


Thank you for sharing this workaround :relaxed: I learned a lot. Besides, we will probably roll out some billboard materials( always “look to camera”) in the next version.

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Thx for the tip. I am quite sure soon I’ll try it.