Vectorworks plugin will there ever be such an option?

Vectorworks plugin will there ever be such an option?

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Hello, yes, but I cannot give a detailed release date. Maya and Vectorworks plugins are on our roadmap.

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You can’t even imagine how many customers there will be.
People are disappointed with Twinmotion so I brought it up on the Vectorworks forum and a lot of people are interested


I’m working for Vectorworks in the Benelux and we have already the livesync for Twinmotion Enscape and Lumion. So I notified Vectorworks Inc development team (in America) to also make an investment for a livesync to D5 render. so hopefully this is a quick release in the future.

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Hello igmar, that is fantastic! Because we are also seeking for the possibility to support Vectorworks, which has a bright future in BIM. Please check the private message I sent you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Oliver.J, are there any updates on livesync for Vectorworks?
I’m currently using Enscape, but I’m interested in switching to D5 as soon as possible.
Especially with the release of 2.4


Im also interested to know when the live sync for vectorworks will be available.

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Im also waiting for this. we now have to export through FBX but this brings quite a few problems

@Jason @yasaman.davachi @tjeerd Hi mate, yeah, recently we are proceeding. Can you let me know what other renderer do you use with Vectorworks? How’s the performance for them with live sync?

@Oliver.J Hi Oliver That’s exciting news that you’ve begun work on Live sync for vectorworks.

I currently use Enscape live sync. The performance is great while navigating through the drawing in enscape. I’m easily getting 60fps. Live sync provides almost instant updates when updating geometry in vectorworks. I do get quite a few crashes but my files are quite large and I typically use beta/preview builds to get the latest features.

I use an rtx 4090 so rendering 4k images in enscape is only a few seconds.

If you have any other specific questions, I’d be more than happy to help.

Hi Jason, if we support vectorworks, just like SketchUp, will you use both D5 and Enscape, or switch to D5?
I guess you still need Enscape for fast walkthrough or presentation, and you want D5 maybe because of images with better quality or something else?
We would like to know the requirement and requests from users who want D5 to support Vectorworks.

Hi Oliver, I would switch to D5 exclusively. My workflow timelines don’t allow for setting up drawings in multiple renderers. From what I’ve seen in version 2.4 the real time quality of D5 has greatly improved over last versions and is probably of high enough quality for real time presentations. It would be great if that could be improved on as well in future versions. Also maybe a dedicated window for presentations.

My main requirements are quick iterations while designing and seeing those updates in real time, along with high quality final renders and animations.

Enscape currently does most of this for me but I feel that the final quality is lacking. Also the speed at which they are updating their software is quite slow. They haven’t been listening to user requests for new features.

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Ok mate, thank you! I will forward them to our team.

I use Lumion. it works great but you need to pauze it if you make multiple changes in Vectorworks and unpauze it after the changes, if you dont you have a change that Lumion will crash.

It does however help out a ton and if the livesync would be like sketchup it would actually be better then Lumions livesync

Hi Oliver, What an amazing news!
I am using Twinmotion and have had no problems so far. I will also exclusively switch to D5.

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Hi, any updates on this?

Hi mate, I have shared your suggestions with workflow team, and please wait for our updates. ( the development work may take about half a year, and it has not started yet)

We are currently also working with Vectorworks in combination with Lumion and Enscape.

Should there be a direct interface, we would also like to switch immediately. Otherwise, it’s really a great development that is being done here!

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Thanks for the advice!

I’m waithing for Vectorworks plugin, I use Sketchup with D5, I don’t want to use twinmotion while I’m working with Vectorworks … Is the development for the plugin started or still not? … Kind regards