V2.2 bad quality

Hello there. i started using of D5 from V2.1 and i think it was more pretty then new version, i mean quality. (realistic darknes, contrast and etc.) now i want to share part from my rendering where is moving spots and qaulity is very low (2K video)
i tried many ways, change material settings, reflections and etc, but is still have same problem.

Is there anyone for any suggestion? :frowning:

Hello, I checked the video you shared. It looks like the room’s exposure is strong, did you turn on auto-exposure? Besides, how does it look with 2.1?
Or you could send this scene file to support@d5techs.com, we will check the settings and test whether the effect in D5 can be improved, thanks in advance.

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as i said before, anyway thanks for your product. sorry for the criticism, i support your hard work and pretty product :heart: I want to help you with my advices, because I have found a product (D5) that I will always use. i have not 2.1 version anymore to show you the difference, what i meant. its about contrast, in 2.1 it is more realistic.
only this one can i show you for compare. in 2.1 contrast and dark places are very realistic i think so, in 2.2 it is very bright. ofcourse i know i can set contrast / exposure manualy, but finaly it dont works as pretty as in 2.1
it is just my opinion, maybe I’m wrong.
but now im uploading the other scene what about i was in previous comment and hope you will help me.
thank you again Oliver
PS. i’ll send you D5 model file in PM soon