Update software

I update the software and I lost the effect of light and so on respect the previous version. Ho w can return to older version? or I can resolve? I have the same light parameters, the same parameter of materials , but the result is totally different

Hello, first, please make a copy to backup your files.
Second, we improved GI for 2.1, so you may not get used to it. Please try deleting some artificial lights, or decrease their brightness.
If it still cannot work, please let me know, I will send you 2.0 installer via private messages.

Hi Oliver how to get the latest 2.1 version?

Hello, open your D5 2.0, and it will have a pop-up to let you update.
Or you can download from our official site directly. Download | D5 Render

thanks a lot. now I haven’t time to study and change the lamps and so on bevouse I must send the images to client so. It’s better you send me the version 2.0 installer. You can send me to this email. cricat@libero.it
So I have to unistaller the new versione and install the old. I lose parameters, material created and saved? How can I recover?
Thanks again

architettura e sostenibilita’

Hello, mail sent, also you can check the private message in the forum. When you launch 2.0 it will ask you whether to update, choose No.

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