Unsubscribe for 1 month, will I loose pro models

I need to unsubscribe for one month, and will I lose the pro model that I used and what will happen to my projects done in Pro mode?

Hello naturespacestudio

When you have a Pro license, the pro models are enabled connected to the internet where D5 verifies your license type.

Since the Pro license is not valid, the models are not loaded.

I have a Pro license and if I am not connected and logged in, the Pro models will not be loaded either.

Only when I enter my password and D5 verifies that my license is Pro are the models loaded


If you have previously used pro assets in your scene, all pro assets that have been placed will be watermarked when you open the scene as a non-pro user. You will also not be able to add new pro assets and use pro features in your scene.