Unable to start d5 render / incomplete installation error

hey guys i’ve just installed the newest hotfix and this error popped up whenever i tried to run D5. i’ve already uninstall and then installed the program 3 times and nothing changes. any idea about the solution? i’m unable to do any work right now :confused:


Hello! Have you updated from the client? If you keep failing to update after updating from the client, please update from our official website. If you are still having problems updating from the official website, please contact me and I will find alternative solutions for you.

hey thanks for the reply,
what do you mean about updating from the client? i couldn’t seem to reach welcome page due to the error window popping up, but i downloaded latest version from the official website if you referring that. And i’ve done that 3 times already :confused:

Hello, I think it may be that your antivirus or firewall is blocking some of the contents of the D5 installer. I will try to send you an installer directly via private message and you can try to install using this installer.

Hello, I have same problem, tried many times but couldn’t start it.

Hi mate,
Please try reinstalling with a different installation path. And disable VPN, antivirus, encryption and other non-using software before installing. What browser are you currently using to open the D5 website? Try another browser.