Turn all lights off for day scenes

Me again, sorry.

I’ve created an outdoor scene with lots of lighting from various sources, some are D5 assets and some are my own models with added light sources. Is there a way I can deactivate all artificial light sources for bright day scenes without hiding the components they are nested within?

I really hope I don’t have to go into the various components and put light sources on a separate layer from the light assets.

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this is sad…bro…

next time make sure u do all lighting in a specific layers for easy controlability. you group them as u need…and place them in a LAYER…this way…u can easily manipulate ur lighting without having headaches.

now if you have not done this…then it will be pain to select/control your lightings.

i guess the latter is your case.

Maybe his intent is simple.
Maybe they can provide a button to switch light sources on off during day light scene for all sources, not adhering to HDRI based lighting inputs. but the GI system based lighting scene that calculates and switches on and off the lights accordingly. It would help make doing some of the works progressive and make ease of access to the work is all.
Good suggestion. @designs.3dg


Lesson learned the hard way for me :confounded:. I’m moving over from Enscape so there are so many extra things for me to have to learn and consider, so I forgot the lights emitters. In enscape you can set all lights to zero in one click, plus they don’t show up in daylight like they do in D5.

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Welcome to D5 where we all learn from mistakes :rofl: :joy:

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Hello. You can filter all the lights from the object menu on the right and make a group of them.