Translucent material

Hi all. I’m trying to create a translucent material, to imitate a silk pattern over a glass window, something similar to the image below. So far, any transparent material does not give the right result (it creates reflections, and it becomes black if I decrease the transparency channel) and the SSS materials are not translucent enough.

Any idea on how to create such a material?

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en baissant le taux de transparence du matériel Verre et en fonçant la couleur de base.

dont decrease the transparency, more like reflectivity

Hi @cnunez,

Is the Base Color of glass white?

And in D5, if the glass is not given reflection, it will be a black object.

Semi-transparent materials are not currently supported, you can try another way to achieve a similar effect: use Cloth Material Template (without any Opacity Map), but give Opacity.

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Thanks for your answer I’ll try that. Any idea if and when semi-transparent materials will be supported?


You’re welcome. Some users also raised this request, and you can also put your precious idea here, that will be more helpful for our team to track.
Latest Ideas & Requests topics - D5 RENDER FORUM

Thank you for your help. I think this can be a nice feature on next version.