Traditional Japanese pendant light surface modeling - need help

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a perfect output to get this light fixture as accurate as possible:



as you can see it is a semi-transparent but not glassy/shiny material.
It is mainly paper or fabric in some cases,
The point is it has to let the light through.
I tried making it transparent and did not have a good result as it fades away the fabric
tried foliage but it does not let the light through (it should, right? )
right now trying to mix every thing but probably mess it up more.

I used to model these easily in Enscape but do not know what the best approach is to get the best result using D5.

Has anyone ever tried this before?

Hello! I suggest you can use the cloth material.

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and this one, 3:40


Thank you so much

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Really thanks for sharing this!