Tips for applying for the education version are not community accounts

I used my edu email address to apply for the education version, but you sent me the professional version for five days. When I applied for the education version again, it said that it was not a community version account, and there was no way to apply for the education version. I want to delete my professional version gift benefits, I need to switch to the community version.
I hope you can optimize and switch versions.

Thank you for the advice. The review system is not clever now, we will improve it.

Please help me cancel my free pro, you don’t seem to be solving my problem, I’m not giving feedback, I’m asking for help

Due to the review system, only community edition accounts can apply for education edition accounts.

If you have received gifted pro duration through participating in activities, please wait until the pro duration ends and revert back to the community edition before applying for the education edition. Sorry for the inconvenience.