Tips about Voice of D5 Users

To better interact with you and cater to your suggestions, we have added the 「 Voice of D5 Users 」.

Here you can find all the suggestions submitted by D5 users, and vote or comment on them. This can also provide a reference for us to determine the priority of each requirement.


Before submitting a new post, please check if similar requests already exist in Voice of D5 Users .

Posting guidelines:

  • Please express your suggestions as concise as possible in the title.
  • Please describe in key points with necessary pictures and video links in the post.

Status update:

Your suggestions will be sorted and included in Voice of D5 Users , where you can track the status (including Pending, Under Consideration, Planned, Not Planned, Done) at any time.


3d assets saturation, colouring etc so the scene can be more true to life. Automatically adjust the lighting for animation models. Thanks