Being able to copy settings between scenes

At the moment If we change the settings on the scene1 on a Video clip, we are forced to copy all the changed values from that scene to the second scene of the same clip one by one.
Would be a time saver to click on a button to copy these values at once automatically and paste in the second or subsequent scenes within the same clip. Thanks.

Can someone explain to me why you need several clips.
I still haven’t understood the basic idea. Later, I’ll cut anyway. How to do it is clear.

You don’t need several clips if you are making a simple camera animation with a camera that moves exactly and perfectly the way you want.
But what if you want to test, compare and choose several camera movements from a different angle on the same scene?
What if you want to test the same angle but with different lighting scenarios or focal lengths?
What if you want to test different paths at different speeds?
Having multiple clips allows you to test all of the above without even rendering.

Thanks for the explanation, I see now, what is meant by clips. A time-saving function, great.

Hi there,

It’s a known request and will add into the following updates.
Please check here for requests tracking