Panorama QR-Code

An idea for d5 Render like Enscape to be able to move the Panorarma also for mobile phone Ipad etc. with QR code

No real materialization is necessary, because there is a visual suggestion for this.
No big data for panorama frames, because the QR code is scanned.
No mouse panorama at home to move on the PC.
No presentation in paper plan for the visualized preliminary project studies. Just go to the construction site and see the interior design on your mobile phone. Move every corner of the room and see exactly from one wall to the other

Of course you can still print anything.

We are already working successfully for the presentation more with moving pictures and video on mobile phones or iPads and QR codes

Scan my facility QR code and see how I meant it and move around
Have fun.

QR Code2


Hi there,

very nice suggestion. Will add it into the roadmap