Tiles in wood look as floor covering

Hi there,
I miss different tiles in wood look as flooring.


Hi A Drexler

in Assets there
115 ceramic tile
219 wood floor
18 others

I just want to note.
Not even our tile and floor consultant has so many
different tiles and wood looks in his showroom. :smile:

Tiles are actually very three-dimensional things.
It is actually more difficult to achieve only through a few textures of the material.
But thanks for your suggestion, we will continue to optimize it!

hello dadi,

every little tile shop in our area has these
Tiles that are not (yet) available in D5 Render.

Wood look tiles!

But hey…a collection of material can be so big,
something will always be missing.

And no collection of material is so good that it is by friendly
hints couldn’t get any better! :slight_smile:


I understand you very well my friend
I am asian and my friends is an arab in our office and working in switzerland. We would love to have assets from different cultures. But we understand, wishes can only be limited. That’s why we still make our own assets, furniture, colors. floor coverings etc.