The viewport is not working

Anyone out there with the same problem as me, using RTX 3060?

My viewport doesn’t show up, only in the tumb of the start menu it does.

I’m using version now 2.7.

Version 2.6 was working normally.

Hi! Sorry for your issue. Could you show me your system info?

Hello, good morning! How are you? Here are the specifications of my computer.

Hello. Thanks for your reply.
Have you installed the desktop programme called mica for everyone. This programme may cause the preview window to go black or the D5 sidebar not to show.

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I used it before, but I don’t use it nowadays. What I did was install a virtual machine and test it, it worked for me. After that, I used a program (RevoUninstaller) to uninstall D5render and clean the system registry. Now it’s working.

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Thanks for feedback. Glad to hear that you have solved this issue.

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