The problem with rotating normal maps

Hello. I built a standard cube and applied the “Outdoor Ground / Grass growing tile 15” material to it. In the material settings in the UV section, the rotation angle value is 0 degrees. At any position of the sun, the material on the cube looks great, and the shadows are displayed correctly. If the value of the rotation angle is set, for example, to 90 degrees, then the shadows on the surface of the cube will not correspond to the position of the sun. Is this a bug or a feature of displaying normal maps? How do I act when I need to rotate the material on the object without rotating the object itself?

Program version:

Sorry it should be a bug, we will fix it as soon as possible.

As a temporary solution for custom materials, maps can be rotated in advance before they are applied. But normal maps cannot be simply rotated, special tools are needed for this. I hope in the future this problem will be solved in D5.

Thank you for your feedback.