The Nvidia RTX card does not appear to work when I use the high quality display

I would like to know if it is necessary that the high quality preview does not present the RTX logo or if it is a problem, because my works are slow.

I use an Nvidia 2080 Max Q graphics card.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for posting. I think GTX2080 Max Q is supported, so there is no need to worry about compatibility. But about the RTX logo, it is added in the last 2 or 3 versions, so maybe you need to check your D5 render’s version first. Please open an empty scene in D5, then click Help->About D5 Render, what is the version?

Also, you could check your video driver’s version, and make sure it updated.
Have a nice day!


Hola! gracias por responder Oliver, me emociona ver la eficiencia del equipo técnico, he realizado todo lo que me dices y aun continua el logotipo RTX sin presentarse en la visualización previa de alta calidad, también he probado los dos controladores aunque ningunos resuelven mi inquietud, el controlador game ready rend

eriza y navega mas rápido en el proyecto.gracias nuevamente.

Hi Joe, sorry for the late reply. I consulted the tech team before and now get the response. They told me your graphics card is supported, and the reason it works slow and has no RTX logo may be that in Nvidia driver settings( Nvidia control panel), it does not let D5 Render launch RTX 2080, it uses an integrated video card instead.

Please check the settings in your Nvidia control panel.


Hi i too have no rtx logo on the max settings, but it seems that in the nvidia panel the rtx 2070 is assigned to d5.

Hi, does this problem affect the normal function of D5 Render? Or it is just a display problem?
Please give us the screenshot of your video driver version and the logs folder in your D5 render installation directory.


Check at which card the monitor is connected.
Which one is your primary monitor in case you have more than one monitors.

Maybe you have to connect the primary monitor to the RTX.

Hi @Oliver.J It seems to be only a display problem, the driver is the one from 06.08.21 (, the rtx is selected in the nvidia control panel. I remember the little rtx logo was there in previous versions of d5.

Ok thank you, I will let the tech team test this.

the rtx logo dissapears when i am using on lenovo vantage hybrid mode, this makes my computer to see nvidia rtx 2070 and also intel graphic processor, but the quality in d5 it is not worst, d5 uses nvidia, when i turn hybrid mode off, the computer sees only nvidia and the rtx logo apperas, i hope it helps

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ok, thank you! BTW, please download the latest Geforce Experience then launch D5 Render from it.

ok txs, i had try it, but when intel graphic and nvidia are both active even if i launch d5 through nvidia geforce experience there is no rtx logo, rtx logo appears only when on device manager there is only nvdia graphic card shown, but anyway this is just a display thing for the rtx logo, i couldn’t see any difference for the program in both situations, render time, raytracing, realtime, it was the same

yes, it is a display issue, also we removed this logo in 2.0