The Library needs smaller cars

Who doesn’t love nice cars like Tesla or Mercedes Class E, but seriously, the “small-sized” car library doesn’t have a single small car in it. I’m talking stuff like a VW Golf or BMW Serie 1 to 3, Renault Twingo, Clio…
The devs really should add at least 2 or 3…

Hi Friend, here’s where to find them

I hope I have helped you

I know how to add my own models but unfortunately, those won’t be animated, wont’ have options for car color, lights and driver. Unless there is a way I can add this?

The question you ask me is to have a moving object, that is, an object created by you or downloaded from a site and modify it in mappings and movement to make a video. How could you do it? So the objects that I download from the sites also include those that move, you just need to do a detailed search, or if you go to You Tube there are tutorials that show you the way to download objects or characters that move. But I assume you know this, I’ll tell you more about how to take a car and make it move as you want, but the program we use is only for redering. The right program to do this, you will see from the sites and tutorials that will show you BLENDER, which is Free. It’s a good start if you know the program, but to use the object created by Blender in D5 you have to save it as .abc, but you will have few things only the movement, be careful with the mappings if you use it, because some colleagues have had export problem saved into blender for mappings. For the lights, before importing it you have to give the bulb an emissive material and then from D5 you will put some program lights, then you will block everything making it a single body in D5 for the movement sequence.

I think I have answered your questions sufficiently.
Do a good job. PS: For my part, I never present videos to a client, always images of the work, only on request, it takes up too much time for other jobs, this program is very fast, but to avoid running into any problems of any kind, I’ll move on on the certainty that I will finish the work in the right time.

Thank you very much for your detailed response.
I’ll try to look into it if I find the time.

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