The Big Pixelation Problem of Final Rendering (after update 2.2)

There was no problem with the preview before rendering. But as a result of the final rendering, large frame-shaped distortions and pixelations occurred all over the render. This is the first time I am experiencing this situation, and there may be an error that occurs with the 2.2 update.

  • Rendering Resolution : 8K

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Hello, what is your video driver version? After upgrading to D5 2.2, some old drivers may be not compatible. Could you upgrade the driver to 511 or above, then try again?

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Hi Oliver, I have the most up-to-date NVIDIA driver as the driver.(512.15) This problem does not occur in every render either. Some renders also have no pixels some renders also get large pixels this way.

I tried the same render one more time and this time it yielded no pixels at all. The only different thing I did was to make the rendering quality 7000x4700 instead of 7500x4500. The only thing that changes the same settings in the same render is a small render resolution and a successful result. Why do you think?

Hello, thank u for the fast reply. I did some tests but cannot reproduce the problem you met, I think it is related to the wall material, as well as the resolution. Could you send this scene file to my email

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I don’t know how the problem was solved as if by itself, but I repeated the rendering with a resolution of 7500x4500, and the result is clean. jul. Maybe turning D5 off and on changed something. Everything seems to be fine now, Oliver, thank you.