Texture from Assets Material

is there any way to save textures from assets material?
I’d like to add for example a little displacement to “Grey Strip Cultrual Stone” and wanna add same texture (or little edited) as it is in Base color…
Is there any way?

PS. There will be good addon if I can just copy textures in material editor tab (something like right click, copy/paste texture. Thanks

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Hi GramiYoe,

  1. If you want to save the material to the local library, you could click this button.
    If you want to export or save a map from material library, sorry it is not supported yet.

  2. About the other idea you mentioned, glad to tell you that we support copy/paste maps in D5 Render 2.0.
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Thanks Oliver,
so there will be save texture option added soon?
Glad to hear that copy/paste maps will be in D5 2.0. I’m waiting :wink:

I will share this request with product team, thank you!