TDR crash

Hello D5. Need your help. Today i reinstalled windows and i have problem after this. Suddenly D5 crashes and says this. What is problem, or how can i solve it?
Graphic card rtx 3060


This is to detect that the TDR index of the GPU is too low, so you only need to restart your device regularly, and turn on D5 with administrator privileges on weekdays, which will greatly reduce the occurrence of this error.


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Hi @georgemelkadze,

Close D5 Render, right-click on the “D5 Render” icon, select “Run as administrator”, open D5 Render and then restart your computer. (D5 will automatically change the default TDR response time after you start D5 Render as administrator).


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Next problem, can not install D5

Hi mate, I also saw you on Facebook. Is the issue persists? It’s recommended to update your graphics card driver.

Hi Leah, i changed windows 10 to windows 11 and it works now. Thank you mate :pray:

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Hi there. I solved this going to device manager, and update driver. Let windows choose the driver.