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Dear D5 Render users, I’m Ryann from the D5 team, in order to provide a better user experience, D5 is optimizing the assets library recently. This time I mainly focus on the optimization of landscape plants. If you have relevant suggestions about landscape plant varieties and shapes, you can leave me a message or comment here😄!


Orange and lemon trees please :pray:

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Live Oak tree, White and pink dogwood tree, Bald Cypress

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  • Trees with tall trunks that emphasize verticality, such as the quaking aspen (poppulus tremuloides). Preferably a few variations of the same species. These are normally used when we want to have trees in the scene but don’t want to block the facade too much. For example, in front of a street shopfront. We have the broadleaf 43, 46, 48 for example but they are like a lollipop.

  • Better weeping willow (salix babylonica). The current ones look a bit weird. The willow in Lumion are nicer.

  • Fake billboard tree clusters for use at a long distance along the horizon.

  • Finally, sorry it’s unrelated to plants. Please add more of the interior parallax OSL models. Or at least allow importing them from third parties such as wParallax or Shadersbox. They are very useful on large buildings but become too repetitious because there aren’t enough variations.


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Sorry, but we need VR profissional tool, very urgent, it would be due yesterday!

Hanging plants for facades!! please.

Also Eucaliptus trees

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Scandinavian/norwegian trees and plants! With snow!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Thank you for your suggestion, we are making models of fruit tree varieties, stay tuned! :smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, I have shared this idea with the team. The assets library of D5 includes hanging plants on the exterior wall, which are in the vine category of the assets library. If the model in the assets library cannot meet your needs, can you send me a picture as an example? :smiley:

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Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider adding these varieties.

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Thank you for your detailed advice. I have shared these ideas with my team. We are optimizing salix babylonica and interior parallax OSL models, stay tuned! For the Fake billboard tree, we recently updated some environment backdrops in the assets library. You can try this model. If it doesn’t meet your needs, can you send me some pictures for reference? :grinning:

Hi, can ‘Norwegian Trees’ give us some pictures for reference? In the right sidebar, the D5 has parameters for adjusting the weather. You can set snow in the scene, hope this helps you!

Hello, D5 includes VR beta functionality in widgets. If this function cannot meet your needs, can you tell me in detail the needs for VR professional tool?

The billboard trees are the ‘face me’ type made of several billboards clumped together instead of a single flat piece. Just noticed the few environment backdrops in the library. Those are useful as well.

This is great initiative. Thanks a lot,

  1. Can we have the grass on vertical surfaces as well?! As a base within the material itself and then add on vertical surface with scattering and brush tool make custom made green walls. It would be Just WOW.

  2. Some Indian (South East Asia Indian) species like
    Plumeria Rubra/alba/firangipani,
    Gulmohar = Delonix regia
    Terminalia species = Terminalia (plant) - Wikipedia

  3. Small suggestion: Could we clump(drop down method/folder within folder method) within the asset browser of scientific names/variety/family name of the species together to quickly go in and select the said variety and size that we could want to use.

  4. Also have a separate dedicated slider of the growth?! Max height/minimum height. This will be apart from the scale slider. It would help remove and not have duplicates of the same species in the asset browser with varied heights to click on and this slider will automatically help use the asset with whatever growth level we want to use.

  5. Using this growth slider maybe we can also use that as a keyframe in the video as well to help visualize the growth of a planting bed as well along with the architecture for an added effect. It would help in explaining to a client what we are trying to achieve once the plant species are fully grown?! Growing Tree - YouTube

I would like express my happiness & gratitude to D5 team for making such big leaps and efforts. Giving in the hands of us visualizers a brilliant and easy to use tool such as D5. And the library of assets in terms of plants media IS EXHAUSITIVE. Great job TEAM. And thanks a lot to you. More power to you. :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


need forklift and TIR model please

Good morning, I was looking for cactus both small and large, but unfortunately I noticed that there is only one cactus model in the library, could you add more species of cactus in the next update?
Can you add olive trees something like Plant Models Vol 113 – Maxtree


thank you very much.

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Lantana reptans
Bougainvillea Torch Glow
african Lily

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Exterior :

interior :

  • potted flowers
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