Student License of D5 Render

Hi all, glad to tell you that we are going to design a new license for students and teachers. (D5 Render Education Plan).
Do you prefer a discount on D5 Pro, or a free license which may lack some features/assets? Please let us know your ideas and suggestions.

Besides, welcome to answer the following questions and post here. (if you do not want to make it public, you can send private message to me or

  1. Your college and your region.
  2. From where did you know about D5 Render?
  3. The hard specs of your computer, also you can tell us the hard specs of your classmates. (what graphic cards they use)
  4. When and where do you need to use D5 Render? Doing Rendering works in your assignment or course projects or you have already been working as intern?
  5. At last, what modes do you prefer or expect? A discount, or free version?
  6. What Pro feature do you need most?

Thanks in advance,

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I prefer Discount but for 6 month At least or the whole year not monthly

Since not everyone can be a student or professor, I would prefer free access. With that said, we will need to provide D5 with our school’s email and curriculum to obtain the student license. I assume this is how the process should work, which is why I prefer the free option.