Student License of D5 Render

Hi all, glad to tell you that we are going to design a new license for students and teachers. (D5 Render Education Plan).
Do you prefer a discount on D5 Pro, or a free license which may lack some features/assets? Please let us know your ideas and suggestions.

Besides, welcome to answer the following questions and post here. (if you do not want to make it public, you can send private message to me or

  1. Your college and your region.
  2. From where did you know about D5 Render?
  3. The hard specs of your computer, also you can tell us the hard specs of your classmates. (what graphic cards they use)
  4. When and where do you need to use D5 Render? Doing Rendering works in your assignment or course projects or you have already been working as intern?
  5. At last, what modes do you prefer or expect? A discount, or free version?
  6. What Pro feature do you need most?

Thanks in advance,


I prefer Discount but for 6 month At least or the whole year not monthly

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Since not everyone can be a student or professor, I would prefer free access. With that said, we will need to provide D5 with our school’s email and curriculum to obtain the student license. I assume this is how the process should work, which is why I prefer the free option.

better an educational license, I’m waiting for this to be able to use the program, many students don’t have financial conditions and it would be a means of wanting or not to publicize the program.

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Thank you, we will roll out Edu plan soon.

In order to involve more students, rendering should be taught. And for teaching, universities need licenses for LAB classes. Classes are now looking for alternative solutions for Russian students.

Hi Ana from colombia here!

so regarding the educational licence I would like it to be a discount on the pro version, in my case I’m currently coursing a mastery so we use almost all the features in order to learn the most. for this reason that would work best for me an I think most of the mastery or phd students.

My college is EADIC located in spain.

College partner.

I use a gigabyte with 16 ram core if and a rtx 3050.

I mostly use it to render spaces using diferent materials in order to represent my interior desing proyects to my professors. it really depends in the assignment.

regarding the pro features i dont have one i use most yet.

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Ok, thanks for that. :blush:

hi, i’m from colombia and i really see the potencial in this software but as student i dont have the ability to pay for the pro version and the free one is too limited, honestly a student version would be so great for us so we can learn and familizarize with the program, so in the future as professionals we would pay it and use it becouse it is the program we have been using

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Thanks for your feedback. We will roll out the Edu plan soon. Please stay tuned~

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my name is Timo Hilden. I´m from cologne (germany), at moment I studying architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen (germany).

I saw D5 render for the first time on youtube and would like to use the program to take my renderings to a new level. Since I’m currently doing my master’s degree, I would be happy about a free “profi” license. besides the rendering itself, I need the custom asset library.

My pc system requirement:

processor: Intel® Core™ i7-11700KF - 8 Cores
motherboard: MSI MAG Z590 Tomahawk WIFI
memory: Kingston Fury Beast RGB 64GB DDR4-3200
graphic card: NVIDIA RTX 3080 12GB

system: Windows 11 Home inkl. vollständiger Installation

Thanks in advance. I’m happy

kind regards

Timo Hilden

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Hi all, glad to let you know that the edu application has been opened, please view this page:
D5 Educational License | D5 Render

@angelelpipo @lucas.eduardo95 @soft3d @ana.am3016 @jorgeandres_romero @tihi2010

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thanks for your answer.

why can’t i apply for a license alone. My fellow students want to use other render programs… :unamused: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks in advance. I’m happy

kind regards

Timo Hilden

Please introduce D5 Render to your fellow students :grin: If they are still not interested, please let us know what they use and why for that, thanks in advance :smiley:


My name is Kenneth Brian Ramos, and I’m from Laoag City in the Philippines. and I’m currently enrolled at Divine Word College of Laoag to study architecture.
Since then, I’ve only used the free version of D5 render, so now that the full version version of d5 render is available solely for educational purposes, I’m more eager than ever to have my application approved. I want to thank you in advance for providing the community with such an effective rendering tool especially to architecture students like me.

(current system)
i7 7th gen.
1060 6 gb (mobile)
15 gb Ram

(incoming system’s spec)
i9 12th gen. mobile cpu
3080 6 gb mobile
64 ram ddr 5

Best regards

Hi kenken, please send your application on the official website: D5 Educational License | D5 Render


I did submit an application, unfortunately I got an email stating they do not accept individual student application.

Hi, yes, please check the rules, that we need a college admin or at least 5 students to finish the registration.

hi i applied for the educational licence with 4 other college friend and we havent got any answer in 15 days, is this normal?, becouse in the page with the instructions says that they will answer within 7 business days

Hi! This is not normal. We will check this. By the way, did you send the application to our emailbox? And you can also check your spam emails first, maybe our reply went to the spam emails.