Stereographic Cubic Panoramic Rendering

Would it be possible to output Stereographic Cubic Panoramic renders to allow for realistic 360s experience while using a VR headset. Currently other renderers can achieve this.

Hi mate, you meant 3D Stereoscopic images or videos? It is on our roadmap.

Please add a parameter to control the parallax, that is, the distance between the two camera positions. AutoDesk cloud rendering service fails and most of their Over/Under stereos are hard to watch when objects are close by. Same with cube and strip stereos, etc. The eyes there seem to be 5" apart, so, please add this simple parameter.


Sorry it was for images. Basically we use 3d Vista to create tours of our 360s, we are currently looking into using VR headsets, but when we used the traditional panoramic renders, the VR experience is wrong and the scale of massive (nearly twice the size). However we did find that rendering Stereographic Cubic Panoramic renders (in VRay) the scale is correct and looks more realistic on the VR headset.



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