Small houses


The asset library has all apartment buildings which are too big in size. Can we also please have some small one/ two-story houses which can be used around small residential exterior renders.

These all seems too big

ello Sohail
If you want small flats or small residences, just go to 3D Warehouse, do a search like this:

Download it in SKP format and then import it into D5, so you have an object to insert wherever you want.
I hope I have helped you :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Thanks man,

I searched in SU warehouse, but they don’t have many options, and good quality models.

You’re sure, it doesn’t seem to me. Look at these images I made by taking a condominium at random, but we have to work on the textures that I modified in D5 then if you only need the accommodation complex just open it in SketchUp and delete what you do not need, and improve the lines, in this case I just uploaded it in D5 and I made these pictures:

Then if you are not satisfied you have to search the sites for sure you will find condominiums that you like and satisfy you.

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