Sky background is black?


Any idea why all my sky background look black? I restart d5 many time, and it’s the same problem,
Please help!

RTX 3080 D5 1.8 pro


What about custom HDR? Still black?

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I have the same problem in an other file, all hdri from assets appear through a tunel, all the background is black except a large circle…
I restart D5 many time and no change! :thinking:

Any idea?

D5 Pro 1.8.1 / RTX 3080

Hi Escargo,

Sorry for the inconvenience, and this problem is caused mainly by two reasons:

  1. Your model size is too large; you can select an unlocked model and zoom it.
  2. Your model is too far away from the origin coordinate axis of the modeling software. Move the model position manually in D5, or move the model to the origin in the modeling software(3ds max or SU or others), and then update the model.


Thanks! It works,


thanks for the awesome information.