Sketchup 2023 Converter Release?

I was wondering if anyone knows approx when the D5 converter will be adjusted to include Sketchup 2023?

Is there any way to copy files manually from the Sketchup 2022 to Sketchup 2023 to make this work while we wait for the proper release?

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Hi mate, we will support it soon, maybe next month.
Here is a beta version, and welcome to give it a try:
D5_Converter_SketchUp_pre_0.8.2.0001.exe.7z (3.3 MB)


Thanks so much! :smiley:

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I just tried the beta version and after syncing the Sketchup model all of the D5 textures went to a very small scale through the entire model.

Hi mate, can you send that .skp model file to It will help us troubleshoot if you can show us a screenshot as well, thanks!