Search in Asset Library

Hello D5 team, congratulations on the update.

I would like to contribute a suggestion to the asset library

1 - Incremental search in any part of the asset name, both in library D5 and in our “Local”.
2 - Combo with sorting options: (Alphabetical, Creation date, Size, etc…), then an ascending and descending sorting arrow.
3 - It would also be nice if a graphic button with the heart of favorites if pressed would filter only the favorites.
4 - In the right panel of the categories also create ordering or drag and drop system to create our order.
5 - Possibility of creating our tags and associating them to assets, similar to trello as an example.

For now I think that, if you can implement it, I think it would add facilities to users.

Thank you very much, hugs

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Hello Marco, thank you for these suggestions! They are very useful!

Thanks, Oliver.