[Scene Express Vol.227] Free D5 Render Scene | mood_light

We hope the “scene express” can take you on a ride of amazing works and beautiful souls, fueling you with a spark of inspiration.
:link: Download Link :bedroom-d5-download
:arrow_right: What is “Scene Express” : [Scene Express] - An immersive journey of fascinating beauty and souls.

Artist Bio

Graphics card:3060ti
Workflow: skp - d5

About the Scene

How the mood light effects the interior of a bedroom with natural and artificial lighting by RIAS ARCHITECTS…
Design By - Venkat Pradeep S

Preview of the Scene


Thanks for sharing!

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Bella la scena e grazie per la condivisione :wink: anche se c’è un bicchiere sospeso in aria :grinning:

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Hi, link to download expired :frowning:

Hi, anyone download scene? can someone post link for download wetransfer? Thanks.

Cant get the link to download expired :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi, it’s been restored.

Can I ask you to give me the skp file please