[Scene Express Vol.175] Blender-D5 Workflow Tutorial Demo Scene

We hope the “scene express” can take you on a ride of amazing works and beautiful souls, fueling you with a spark of inspiration.

:link: Download Link175
:arrow_right: What is “Scene Express” : [Scene Express] - An immersive journey of fascinating beauty and souls.

Artist Bio

Graphics card: RTX3090
Workflow: Blender + D5 Render

About the Scene

  1. Blender-D5 Workflow Tutorial Demo Scene
  2. Blender model included

Preview of the Scene

D5 Render x Blender Challenge


Few minutes ago I got a notification from D5 youtube Chanell for a video talking about Blender - D5 Render Livesync Tutorial

The link to download the Demo scene is out to date.
Please can you fix this?

Thank you!


The link has expired, can you share the documents again?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@angelo @xesipunt
The link has been updated. You can download this scene file now :grinning:

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thanks for the file…just a quick question…did u use blosm to get the other building as site contact?or u use any other way…i think blosm wont get that much detail…