Save my own Asset library

how can I save my own material and model library, for upcoming updates and new installation?
Is there a special file, that I can copy?

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Hi Flamingo,

I also have a custom library. The standard location should be located in your install folder, for example :
C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\D5 Render\library

You have the possibility to change the location BUT before doing that you should backup your current library so you don’t lose any files. I have my library rerouted to a extra HD. To change the location. Go to ‘local’ see icon with three sliders and click ‘setting’ from there you can reroute. BUT don’t forget to backup first before changing.

That sounds good. Thank you.
I am going to check this.

So the best way is to copy the files to extern HD, and after installing D5 I can paste it again to the same folder.
Is this correct?

That worked for me. I also copied the files on my secondary drive afterwards in D5 i changed the path of the folder on my secondary drive and then i copied the files in the new folder. I copied the material folder and the objects folder with the submaps.

If you need help flamingo i can show you via screenshots or teamviewer.

Thank you.
I will check this.

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