Save material Set?

Is there a way to save the whole material set? since I have different variations of the model with same layers and material named in RHINO? Thank you for advanced in answering.

Hi @david13583 ! Do you mean to save the material of your model when synchronizing the Rhino model to D5 Render? Or do you mean to save the material you edited in D5 to your local to be used for the next project? Sorry for any inconvenience, but I need to know more about your question to help you solve it.

Hi Ruby,
I would like to save all them materials in one package and materials can be imported in to a new model with same layer names and materials. Lumion has the feature of save material set and reimport to a new model.


You can add the material to local, then for another model, you can apply the material to it from your local assets.

If I misunderstand your meaning, please tell me.

Thank you, But is there a feature where I can apply multiple materials at once to different layers?

We do not have this feature now. But if you want this feature, you can post your request in the section below:
Then others can see and vote for this feature.