Same scene, different render output?

Scene 4 (new2)_01

Above is a picture of the same saved scene. However the render result of today is different from yesterday in terms of lighting. Does anyone have the same issue? I know I might have changed lighting settings for other scenes in the meantime, but I have not replaced any changes for this particular scene. Is this a bug? I thought the whole point of saving scenes was to avoid having to manually match lighting setup all over again each time… Am I missing something?

Hi, maybe if I put you a video tutorial, you will understand why there is this difference, but it is in Spanish, certainly the tutorial is quite comprehensive.

Good vision

Have you updated to 2.7 yet?The GI is optimised for 2.7, the lighting and shadows will be closer to real at the moment than they were in 2.6, so it may appear to be different to what it was before. If you want the same effect as before, you can adjust it manually.

How does this video explain the bug of inconsistent exposure I am facing in any way? I did not see anything relevant to my simple question in this video… Thanks for trying to help

Hi, I apologize and I’m sorry, maybe I thought that with a video that explains the various improvements and functions that have been added since the transition from 2.6 to 2.7, but there was a transition, maybe you missed it in the video. And the spit in the video in the frame that starts at 1:50 is so on, it makes clear the GI improvement between 2.6 and 2.7 that the light is more natural than before. So if you have an old work saved with a previous version you open it with version 2.7 D5 changes the global ambient light. That is, to be clear it’s simple, from brighter with the 2.6 to less bright with the 2.7.

OK, thanks, well then the update is probably the cause, and I can see it as a point of improvement! thanks