Same Materials applied in different projects

Good day, I am new to D5 RENDER, I used to use Artlantis. With Artlantis I was able to apply my various materials to my models and then save it as a reference file, when I have another project I can apply the reference file to it and it will automatically apply the same materials to the new project/new model. Is there a way to do this in D5? If there is a tutorial or another forum where this explain please direct me to it.

Hi, you have to watch the D5 tutorials on YouTube, they explain how the program works, then it’s simple and intuitive.

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The D5 doesn’t seem to have the features you mentioned. Currently our material logic works like this: you can differentiate materials for a model in the modelling software. Parts that are given the same material in the modelling software can have their material changed uniformly in D5, replacing their material with a D5 material or another imported material.

You can also refer to the tutorials shared by Riccardofortelli.

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Thank you, that is what I thought. It would be great to have such a feature as it will save a lot of time. In Artlantis I created a “base file” where all my material textures are applied to the relevant materials used in Archicad, so everytime I have a new project/model I can re-apply these preset materials.

Hi, in fact it’s like this, every Archicad material or object on any surface is imported onto D5, you just have to set the Normal, the specular, the mirroring, the roughness and the metallic, then also give the type of transparent material, Alpha channel, then Etc. …, You have to explore the program and see and get the information on the Tutorials.
Good work and have fun. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, yes that I know and understand, that is not a problem. What I am saying is, say you have a house, you always set all your brick material from Archicad to a specific brick material in D5 after importing it. You have tweaked all your parameters so the material is the way you want it in D5. You do that with all your materials from Archicad in D5. You render and complete the project. Now you start a new project, you are using some of the same materials again in Archicad, you import your model from Archicad, now you have to restart applying and editing material parameters in D5. This is what I want to avoid.

Yes, both the materials and the environment, but you have to be careful, when you synchronize a project in Archicad and make your settings and then modify the project and save it again you synchronize it again, the textures do not vary you just have to check for some objects the material resets. Then you will see everything else as you work on it, even with different project mergers in D5.
Pay attention to the Paintings project of Archicad, if you place an image the paintings object must explode and become Shape, because the image of the painting will not load. Go and see in the Gallery my works are all done with archicad combined with other graphics programs to obtain the maximum result in the renders.

If you create a new D5 scene, I think you need to readjust your materials. If in the same scene you just update your model, you will keep the changes you have already made in D5 in your material, as long as you don’t change the name of the material in the modelling software.