Rugs and Carpets

I may have already asked but can some rugs be added that tend towards the more textural modern/contemporary variety in neutral colors like grey, beige and tan?

like this model?


I’d be happy with simple berber rugs at this point. I guess when I wrote “texture” I was thinking:


Just some neutral background type rugs that one might find at West Elm, Crate and Barrel, or Restoration Hardware like:


i try to make a test model

stay tuned

Rug test 001

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Yes, if D5 Render offered rugs like this with other textures and patterns, it would be great.

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I try to make various 3d models and then share them


That’s very kind of you. Your rugs look terrific. No interior furniture grouping on hardwood floors is complete without a good area rug.

How will you share them?

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Do some round ones also if possible paperless :heart: is fur also within the possibilities?

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These are great and I agree we need a proper Fur/Grass material.

Currently there are a couple “Carpet” models in the Assets that you can apply any material to. These have been pretty useful for interior furniture groups. It’s just limited to flat-weave style rugs, but they look pretty good.

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There are carpet models? When were those added?

I think there are only two for now.
maybe Gadgets meant we can custom materials then apply to the basic shape models.

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how can i make this carpet?